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Residence Sněžka


Open terrace area:



Property Type:

Number of bedrooms:
Number of bathrooms:


Number of saunas:

Number of fireplaces:

Parking space:

Property rights:

Energy Class:
Energy intensity:

510 m²

177 m²


6th, outdoor terrace
Flat (Penthouse)
Casa FENDI, L. Living

Solo ownership

D (78/2013 Sb)

135 kWh/m²

€ 2 500 000

План пентхаус - этаж 6
План терраса - 7 этаж
Plan sideview - Front
Plan sideview - Back


The history of the building

Sněžka was built in 1812 and originally called Prager Haus. It stands on a plot number 4 and was the fourth house in Marienbad. It located in one of the highest points that form the city center. Across the street Masarykova, there is Neo-Baroque Colonnade and pavilion of the Cross Spring in Empire style.


In 1914, there were build additional floors and made a complete reconstruc-tion of the rear wing. Until then, it was not allowed to build building higher than three floors is such area.


This reconstruction falls into the period of the greatest development of the city, when primary visitors of the city were European monarchs, kings, princes, nobles Russian and Persian shahs. The English king Edward VII came here in the summer for many years.


After World War II the building was nationalized and became the property of the Czechoslovak state in 1948 as a spa hotel. In the 60s and 70s of the XX century was a large-scale reconstruction of the building. Some of the walls were demolished, enlarged window openings and simplified skylight was installed.


The last reconstruction of the building was made in 2009. The reconstruction project was made by the largest architectural firm AI Design of architect Eva Jiřičná. The historical facade has been restored. Moreover, there was built sixth floor and a new atrium with a glass roof. The stairs are made of multilayer sandblasted glass and stainless steel frame.

AI Design -
Eva Jiřičná -






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